• RL Gordon

Your Home & Winter

  • Like our northern friends, we Floridians should also prepare for the changes of the season. Here are some suggested items that you may want to look at.

  • Heating system: clean and check.

  • Air-conditioning: the condensate drain builds up with dust and mold so now is a great time to simply add a little bleach.

  • Pests are looking for a place to go. Use a good pesticide and spray it around the exterior of your house, plants and ground cover.

  • Check the weather-stripping on the doors and windows. The bottom gets a lot of wear and might need to be replaced.

  • Our yards take a beating here in the south. We have frost some mornings and it can be hot a day later. Treat problem areas with weed and feed and by spring, your yard will be looking good.

  • Fireplaces are a must check. Gas and wood burning both must be checked for proper venting. For gas, check for any leaks & make sure that there is a proper flame when burning.

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