• RL Gordon

Three Generations and Continuing!

When choosing a company to build a new home or to handle an extensive remodel, it can be challenging for sure. Besides the cost which is most always one of the largest and most life impacting decisions people make, it is personal. It really is important to find a person and company that make it all work well. R. L. Gordon & Co, Ron, a second generation builder and his wife Susan, were recently joined by their daughter, Amy Devasto. Ron and Susan have built hundreds of homes since 1984 and have the experience and knowledge that only time can bring. Now aided by Amy, an experienced interior designer, licensed general contractor and real estate broker, R.L. Gordon can even do more for their customers.

R. L. Gordon & Co. has had one of the greatest customer approval ratings for decades in central Florida, with several customers honoring them by contracting them to build second and thirds homes and often building homes for their sons and daughters as well. Now being joined by Amy, they are planning on building not only son’s and daughters, but grandsons and granddaughters. It is a proud and humbling experience to build the second or third home for customers.  Who knows just maybe a great grandchild will be next!

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