Is Your Home Safe and Protected

Living in Florida we do not have to do as much to prevent home and property damage from the freezing temperatures and snow. But we should understand even the mild colds here in the south do cause damage. One of the most over looked items is caulking and painting, addressing cracks in masonry, stucco, and sidings. Even the best built homes will eventually develop some minor cracking in the stucco and siding from temperature changes. The temperatures also effect caulking as well. This is a place where homeowners should do an annual inspection and inspect every part of the exterior of the home, spending a small amount of time and a few dollars on a quality caulk early on will save larger costly problems in the future.

Also any kind of air leakage causes condensation and increased energy costs. In newer and tighter constructed homes, minor condensation often causes mold issues and damaged materials. This is exacerbated by showering and cooking without running your cooking vent and bath ventilation. You can’t discuss ventilation without attention to dryer ventilation. When was the last time you removed the filter from you kitchen range / cooktop and cleaned it, and cleaned your dryer ventilation. Many people waste hundreds of dollars a year, due to clogged up dryer ventilation as well as the possible fire possibilities.

Anytime is a great time to address these issues to prevent damage, excessive electric bills, and even our personal wellbeing by living in a home mold free and has good quality air to breath. Maybe starting out every New Year having spent a little time and money will truly bring in a happy new year.

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