• RL Gordon

Home Maintenance: Painting and Caulking

PAINTING & CAULKING: as caulk shrinks, small cracks begin and moisture begins to enter the walls. Same with cracks in your stucco. Cracking is a normal process but again, moisture begins to enter the walls. Over time, if the cracks aren’t repaired, everything from rot to mold issues begin. The painting industry has made great strides over the last few years in developing products to last longer. Here in Florida with the baking heat, our quick afternoon showers cause temperature and humidity changes which promote cracking. SOLUTION: walk around your home every 6 months and inspect the caulking around the windows, door openings, siding and trim or stucco and look for any gaps or cracks. Purchase clear paintable caulk and seal any areas that need it and you shouldn’t have to repaint the whole house.

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