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Being a Custom Home Builder Requires Originality

Updated: May 6, 2019

Having a new home built has a lot of parts and pieces.

We at R. L. Gordon & Co. constantly remind ourselves, we have done this several hundreds of times, much is the same, and could even if allowed become routine or sadly mundane. If allowed it could become just another job, with different address, done for the sake of financial gain. However one could not really be considered a custom home builder, if only plans and materials are the driving considerations given. A home, many times peoples first or last, is not only important, it is emotional, it is even often driven in many ways by feelings. I think too often we look at plans or pictures, and give thought to designs and materials, building applications and if not careful totally ignore the emotional, the feelings side of the whole process of building a new home. So as we

design and build putting together materials that will become a new home, lasting generations to come, let us always consider that a real home is more than labor and material, it is memories present and past and future that really become a part of the family.

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